Sunday, March 4, 2007

Assignment for March 15 (F.S.Fitzgerald)

Francis Scott Fitzgerald as a Chronicler of "the Jazz Age" Era

1. “The Great Gatsby” chapters 1 through 5
On-line copy at The Roaring Twenties", an article by Svetlana V. Titova, an MSU professor
3. SAL p.25-27.

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The Jazz Age 1920's

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PS Dana's blog was a random stumble when searching for "teaching" on Lo and behold! I found a Great Gatsby Treasure Hunt. I guess I'll make use of it only next year.


Sunrise said...

Sveta: Anna Vladimirovna, about our blog. I guess, I have misunderstood what we, students, are aimed at. I thought, our task is to become advanced Internet users, to learn to sort out information we have found on the Web. And, finall, learn to combine what we already know and have read with what we've taken from the Net. Frankly speaking, Lilya and Elya are working with the same enthusiasm and effort as I do. So, does it really matter if the girls just find the material? Anyway, they have also access to our blog and they can do within it anything they want.

anna_filatova said...

Sveta, you were absolutely right in identifying the goals of the project. And you made me really happy by saying that your team is enthusiastic and willing to participate. I do appreciate it.Keep up doing a good job!

The only thing is that I would like to know where you are at. That is why I am asking all of you to post about the work done over the week. My second requirement is that people who miss classes make up for that by doing a written assignment about the reading and posting it on the blog.