Monday, April 23, 2007

Assignment for April 26 (Starting Your Web Sites)


We are heading for the last stage of our project work - your web sites.

May 3: your draft web sites are due.
May 10: final web sites are due.
May 14: group web site presentation.

Before you begin working on the HTML-documents (or generating sites from templates on free web hosting sites), please get together and decide which information from your e-portfolios (the materials you have published on your group blogs) you would like to publish on your web site. Please note that your web pages should have the following:

1. The introductory page of your site should introduce
o the theme of your project;
o your self-presentation (with digital photos and a recorded greeting);
o a mechanism for contacting you (email and links to your blogs);
o a site map (table of contents).
2. your own interpretation of the theme (you are supposed to include your papers or presentation); your analysis of literary works;
3. presentation of socio-cultural information (your interpretation + links);
4. presentation of Web sites relating to your theme (they might be hyperlinks or a list of useful links with their description);
5. literary works (as links);
6. useful links;
7. include at least one picture / image into your Web site.
For section 3-6 do not simply provide a list of links. After the title of each Web site and its URL, describe the site in a few sentences. You must include at least five links for each category.

By April 30, I expect to hear from you: please finish collecting materials on your blogs and report where you have decided to create your web sites. Sign up for a free web site and send me the URL of your first drafts.

I would recommend you to look into the following free web hosting services: , or (By the way, the Nobel Prize group has already launched their web site at It's worth visiting!) To further inspire you, let me quote Olga K.: "I made it all by myself. It wasn't difficult. Besides, it was very useful and interesting. I really liked it".

The other option is to create your web pages from scratch and to upload them to our department server. If you choose this way, please put all files on one disk and save them as Index. doc 1 - the main page;doc 1.2 - the second page;doc 1.3 - the third page;doc 1.3.1 - the fourth page (linked to the 3d);doc 1.3.2 - the fifth page (linked to the 3d); etc. You can later upload this folder on and send me the link.

The grading criteria will be the following:
content -35 % your text, related sites, description of the sites;
organization - 10 % effective overall organisation of the material (easy to find and navigate);
language - 30 % grammar, syntax, vocabulary, style;
design (visual aspects) - 10 % text characteristics, attractive background, pictures/images;
links - 10 % about 20 links;
authorship - 5 % contact information.
(developed by Dr. Svetlana Titova)

Check out the web sites of Dr. Svetlana V. Titova's students at:

More Information on Web Projects:

Thanks go to my teacher and my academic advisor Svetlana Vladimirovna Titova for her valuable advice on project work.

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ewe said...

Hello, Anna Vladimirovna!
Below are the very rough drafts of our future site:
we have more than one, because I haven't manage to understand yet which one would be easier to make... Because I can't say, as Olga K., that it was a great pleasure to me to pass all the time in front of the computer madly trying to understand HOW should I replace that thing with this one and how could I insert several pictures there... It wasn't so apparent to me, though some instructions are written on those web hosting services... I wanted it to be more exceptional, if I may say so, but it's not. May be yet.

ewe said...

I've forgotten, that these pages are not connected yet:
this one goes with -