Sunday, February 25, 2007

Assignment for March 1 (William Faulkner)

Dear Students:
This coming Thursday, we'll be talking about William Faulkner.
Click the following link to download the story “Dry September” by W. Faulkner that we'll be discussing in class.
For questions about settings and theme go to SAL p.20-21.
Please post on your group weblog how and why your group decided on your project's topic.
I am looking forward to seeing Sasha's and Ilya's blog and reading Nelly's and Oksana's profiles.

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so-summer said...

Dear Anna Vladimirovna,
we are very grateful to you for suggesting a topic on T.Williams, otherwise the choice would be fiendishly difficult for us: we know very little about his works. Actually, it was Ewe (Lena) who came up with the idea to choose T.Williams: she saw the film based on "A Streetcar Named Desire". She shared it had impressed her. What's more, T.Williams is a distinguished American playwright, so we decided his works could show us a new aspect of life, something we have never thought about before. And "Outcasts..." is such a topic. Being young and ambitious, we rarely bother to think who are cosidered "outcasts" by the society, how true this judgement is and who is responsible for this happening. It's a good thing to know more about the world you live in, from our point of view.
KOALition (Olga)