Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some Technical Issues

Last week we talked about the problems that arise when different members of the group try to access the blog. Actually, there is a better solution than to do some instant messaging (eg. ICQ) and negotiating the time of your login.

To those who aren't blog wizards yet, I would recommend to study troubleshooting tips on

Here is the link to team blog administration. Please check it out! That'll save us a lot of time.


Adamant Cosmo said...

Anna Vladimirovna, you have mentioned that we are free to put forward our own ideas involved with the content and the title of our works. Am I allowed to delve into the topic like, say, "The Social Slam and Protest Behind the Veneer of What Is Generally Dubbed 'Obscenities' in Naked Lunch"?

Roman K

Sunrise said...

Sveta_Milyaeva: Anna Vladimirovna, sorry for posting so late but right at this moment I've got an inspiration to edit our blog. But I've faced a problem - I can't upload our photoes. Is it possible to download them from my computer, not from the 'Net?
P.s. It appears that you are much better with computers than we

anna_filatova said...

Thanks for the question and the compliment. Actually, I am groping my way, too. I didn’t quite get it: where do you want your pictures – on the blog, or in your profile? If you want it on your blog (like I did it), it’s easy to upload it from your computer. You just sign in on your blog and get to the dashboard (it’s a small table). In the right hand lower corner, there is a layout section. Click it and you’ll get to “Add and Arrange Page Elements”. In the left column, you’ll find a “Picture: Edit” segment. That’s how I did it.

If you want to upload the pictures on your profile, you have to store them on the web. I have heard about a photo storage service advertised by A.Plushchev on Moscow Echo radio. I have to consult his blog to find the URL. I’ll get back to you later. OK?

I am trying to figure out how to upload the Power Point presentations you all put together last semester. I would appreciate your advice on how to do it here. Hopefully it will work out.

anna_filatova said...

OK. I know how to add your personal pictures to the profile. Please check it out:

anna_filatova said...

It's a follow-up to your photo question.
If you want to have multiple pictures on the main page, you can go to the dahsboard and click the "layout" section. There you'll find "Add and Arrange Page Elements". Go to the Add a New Page Element (it's in the upper left corner). And you'll find an "Add a picture from your computer" section.